10 Best Gaming Keyboards In India – Expert Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Are you looking for the best gaming keyboards in India for playing e-sports and games on your laptop or computer? Then this post is specially written for you. Read the full post to discover amazing products for your game and get the best gaming keyboard home.

Gaming keyboards are special keyboards designed specifically for gaming. They are different from a regular keyboard in many aspects. Your gaming speed and accuracy depend on the keyboard and mouse you use while playing games. But choosing a product from a huge list of options is a little difficult.

best gaming keyboards in india

Don’t worry if you are having trouble choosing a gaming keyboard for your gameplay. We will help you in selecting the best gaming keyboard & best gaming mouse in India. We will show you the best keyboards in India here to help you decide the suitable one for your device.

Best Gaming Keyboards In India {Best Selling Gaming Keyboards in India}

Gaming keyboards have not experienced many advantages as gaming mice. But, they come in different models and designs. Additional LED lights are added nowadays to the gaming keyboards to make them look more attractive.

There are also other kinds of keyboards such as mini-keyboards or sub-keyboards recently released in the market. They are known as gaming keypads and have amazing features designed for gameplay. Let’s look at a brief overview of some of the best gaming keyboards in India under the best selling category.

These are some of the best selling products on online selling sites. We hope you found the tool suitable for your device.

Below are some other amazing and the best gaming keyboards in India which are reviewed by us here. Let’s start then.

1.Logitech G213 Gaming Keyboard with Dedicated Media Controls

The Logitech G213 gaming keyboard is our first pick for the best gaming keyboards in India. This RGB gaming keyboard is suitable for gamers of all levels. Excellent design with different colors of backlit keys makes your keyboard glow bright in the dark.  This feature is very important for gamers who play in dark backgrounds. Customizable key lighting and other control programs are other highlights.

Logitech G213 Gaming Keyboard with Dedicated Media Controls, 16.8...
2,918 Reviews
Logitech G213 Gaming Keyboard with Dedicated Media Controls, 16.8...
  • Prodigy series Logitech G keyboard for advanced gaming-grade performance is up to 4x faster than standard keyboards, so every keypress is...
  • Brilliant color spectrum illumination lets you easily personalize up to 5 lighting zones from over 16.8 million colours to match your style...
  • Tactile performance keys tuned for gaming with responsive and more
  • Dedicated media control let you quickly play, pause, skip and adjust the volume of music right from the keyboard
  • Easily customize key lighting, 12 function keys with custom commands and more with free Logitech gaming software

The keys are specially designed to give 4 times faster response and almost an instant to take the command to the screen from the keyboard. For those who don’t want to buy it at one go, you can get this product on EMI.

2.CORSAIR K95 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard-USB Passthrough-Cherry MX Speed- Black

The CORSAIR K95 gaming keyboard is the best option for gamers who spends long hours on the keyboard. This mechanical keyboard is designed to give amazing gaming feel throughout the play. The keys are faster and very responsive with the 100 percent cherry MX speed and can do excellent operations. This gaming keyboard can be connected with a USB. The hand rest lets you play your games for long periods of time without hurting your wrists and arms.

CORSAIR K95 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard-USB Passthrough-Cherry...
3,659 Reviews
CORSAIR K95 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard-USB Passthrough-Cherry...
  • Aircraft-grade anodized brushed aluminium frame
  • 8mb profile storage with hardware macro and lighting playback
  • Dynamic multicolor per key backlighting with light edge
  • 100 percent cherry mx speed RGB mechanical key switches
  • 6 programmable g-keys keys for in-game macros

Another main feature of this keyboard is the extended number of G keys. There are 6 programmable G keys located on the left side of the keyboard for in-game macros.

3.ASUS ROG Strix Scope RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Cherry MX Red Switches

This gaming keyboard is also among the best gaming keyboards in India. It is another level tool for playing your favorite games without worrying about speed. The Cherry MX red switches are designed to give faster and smoother operations. They avoid the returning bumps of the keyboard and do the operations in less than seconds. The Ctrl key is bigger than the regular gaming keyboards to reduce the effort and save time.

ASUS ROG Strix Scope RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Cherry...
46 Reviews
ASUS ROG Strix Scope RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Cherry...
  • Cherry MX Red RGB switches: German-made, micro-switched actuators for precision input with tactile feedback
  • Great for FPS games: extra-wide, ergonomic xccurate ctrl key means fewer missed clicks for greater FPS precision
  • Stealth key: tap to hide all apps and mute Audio for instant privacy
  • tap again to play on
  • ASUS Aura Sync RGB lighting features a nearly endless spectrum of colors with the ability to synchronize effects across an ever-expanding...

A single press on the keyboard can enable the mute option and also pressing it again can undo it. Customizable RGB lighting with a wide spectrum of colors is possible on this tool. FPS gamers can get the best play out of this keyboard.

4.Chiptronex Kranos RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard LED 104 Keys USB Ergonomic Wrist Rest Keyboard

The Chiptronex Kranos gaming keyboard is all that you need to get the best gameplay. Spend long hours of gaming without hurting your wrist with the wrist rest feature on the keyboard. This keyboard is tested and reported to be 2 times long-lasting than the regular ones. You can change the backlighting of the keyboard in 7 RGB modes with so many color options provided.

Chiptronex Kranos RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard LED 104 Keys USB...
173 Reviews
Chiptronex Kranos RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard LED 104 Keys USB...
  • 7 Different RGB Lighting Modes & Effects,
  • Win Key Locked Enable: WIN key can be disabled for gaming, 10 multimedia shortcut keys,
  • 5 Backlight Brightness Levels, Adjustable Breathing Speed.
  • 1.8m braided cable
  • Each key is laser engraved with superior painting, it's sweatproof and won't easily wear off. With millions of keystroke test, the lifespan...

The Windows key disable option is provided for you to stop the key while playing games. The keys are sweatproof and can work well with your fingers to give good gameplay.

5.CORSAIR K63 Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard- Linear & Quiet – Cherry MX Red

The CORSAIR K63 gaming keyboard gives you noiseless gaming and amazing operating speed. The Cherry MX red keys are very fast and perform the commands in less than seconds of time. Every key is designed with backlighting and larger font that is giving amazing look as well as performs good key presses. This keyboard has a reduced number of keys to give you access to useful keys faster. It has 10 lesser keys and is easy to reach the desired keys on your gaming keyboard.

CORSAIR K63 Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard- Linear & Quiet -...
941 Reviews
CORSAIR K63 Compact Mechanical Gaming Keyboard- Linear & Quiet -...
  • 100 percent cherry mx red mechanical key switches with gold contacts for fast, precise key presses
  • Per-key, red led backlighting and large font keycaps deliver vibrant lighting effects
  • Compact, ten keyless design for optimizing desk space and mobility
  • Dedicated multimedia and volume controls to adjust your audio without interrupting your game
  • 100 percent anti-ghosting with full key rollover ensure your commands and simultaneous keystrokes always register the way you intended

Other features of this keyboard are the adjustable RGB colors, LED illuminated keys, and dedicated volume keys on the keyboard that lets you adjust the volume without interrupting your game.

6.Ant Esports KM500W Gaming Backlit Keyboard and Mouse Combo

The Ant Esports KM500W is a combo of gaming keyboard and mouse that can ensure you to give the best gameplay. This is one of the best gaming keyboards in India you can get. You can use connect these tools to your laptop or PC, or Mac consoles and can play your favorite games with the amazing keyboard and mouse. This product also comes with a license of World of Warships. The LED lighting on the keyboard is amazing to look at and also gives fast and precise key presses.

Ant Esports KM500W Gaming Backlit Keyboard and Mouse Combo, LED...
1,103 Reviews
Ant Esports KM500W Gaming Backlit Keyboard and Mouse Combo, LED...
  • Rainbow LED Backlit for Fantastic Game Enjoyment – Ant Esports KM500W, 2020 New version rainbow backlit gaming keyboard and mouse combo...
  • Independent Crater Structure for Longer Service Life -The key life of Ant Esports gaming keyboard can reach 50 million, which is twice of...
  • Adjustable DPI & Programmable PC Gaming Mouse - Advanced Gaming Optical Sensor, 4 Adjustable DPI - 800/1600/2400/3200 dpi meet your...
  • Wide Compatibility - The keyboard is slip-resistant designed to avoid accident water, coffee splashing, extending service life. This Combo...
  • World of Warship License – Ant Esports KM500W Combo comes with license World of Warship game.

The life span of this keyboard is known to be twice of the other keyboards. This gaming keyboard can give you service up to 50 million presses without worries.

7.Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard – Quiet & Satisfying LED Backlit Keys

The Corsair K55 gaming keyboard has an excellent RGB colored keyboard with dedicated media controls and super-looking backlit keys with LED lighting. The keys are very responsive and are also quiet. Now, the special feature which we found the most interesting is the macro recording on your keyboard. Macro keys are available on the keyboard to repeat your steps of actions more than one time very easily.

Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard - Quiet & Satisfying LED Backlit...
5,597 Reviews
Corsair K55 RGB Gaming Keyboard - Quiet & Satisfying LED Backlit...
  • Three-zone dynamic RGB backlighting with 10+ preconfigured vivid RGB lighting modes allow you to choose immersive lighting effects
  • 6 programmable macro keys enable powerful actions, key remaps and combos
  • Dedicated Volume and multimedia controls for direct Audio control without interrupting your game
  • Quiet and responsive keys give a satisfying feel
  • Multi-key anti-ghosting ensures the most accurate simultaneous key presses

You can spend more time playing games on this keyboard without worrying about your hands. The wrist rest mechanism provided on the keyboard ensures the safety of your wrists.

8.Redragon K551 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Rainbow LED Backlit Wired Keyboard with Red Switches

This mechanical gaming keyboard is designed to fulfill all the gaming requirements you need. The keys are excellently designed with Outemu Red switches to give faster and bump-free presses even when you are having a war at your keyboard. The keys are included with RGB adjustable settings and also have rainbow-colored LED keys for a better visual and good understanding of the related keys.

Redragon K551 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Rainbow LED Backlit...
3,513 Reviews
Redragon K551 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Rainbow LED Backlit...
  • Mechanical Gaming keyboard Redragon K551 104 Keys with Dust Proof Mechanical Switches Cherry MX Red equivalent Linear switches quiet click...
  • Rainbow LED backlit mechanical USB gaming keyboard 19 different lighting effects and game modes 2 user defined modes 6 colors multiple...
  • Ergonomic designed steel series mechanical game keyboards high-quality durable metal-abs construction with plate-mounted mechanical keys and...
  • Anti ghosting all 87 keys are conflict free nkey rollover featuring 12 multimedia keyboard keys and a non-slip ergonomic, splash-proof...
  • Compatible with windows 10, windows 8, windows 7, windows vista, or windows xp, limited mac os keyboard support works well with all major...

The keyboard is made of a metal base and is designed to give long service and faster results. High-end switches with precision-engineered keycaps are included for better usage.

9.HP K500F Gaming Keyboard (7ZZ97AA)

The HP K500F gaming keyboard is a good option for all the gaming needs. The lifetime for this keyboard is up to 10 million presses. There are additional multimedia keys included on the keyboard to adjust the media options without interrupting your game. The keys are very responsive and are backlit with rainbow colors on keys.

HP K500F Gaming Keyboard (7ZZ97AA)
331 Reviews
HP K500F Gaming Keyboard (7ZZ97AA)
  • Specially added LED backlight, with monochromatic or mixed light options, showing its elegant temperament
  • Gaming buttons rated at up to 10 million-clicks, With a thick keyboard with responsive keys
  • Compatibility - Windows7 /Windows 8 / Windows10

You can use 26 keys at the same time on this keyboard for your gameplay. This product is reported to have bad delivery cases.

10.OMEN by HP Wired USB Gaming Keyboard 1100 (Black/Red)

The OMEN gaming keyboard is an HP product with good features. This keyboard can be connected to your device with the wired USB end. This gaming keyboard might seem a bit older with its looks but is excellent in its operations. The keys are responsive and give faster results. This keyboard suits the best for people with fewer needs for gaming features.

HP USB Wired Gaming Keyboard (Black and Red)
73 Reviews
HP USB Wired Gaming Keyboard (Black and Red)
  • Hp omen 1100 keyboard
  • USB Wired
  • Colour: Black and Red

This gaming keyboard has no RGB color options and does not include backlight colored keys or LED lights. It is a keyboard with simple looks but works well with your device. It is still a good option at such a lower price.

Best Gaming Keyboards In India Buyer’s Guide

Before buying a gaming keyboard, you need to know about some things related to gaming keyboards. Making purchases without having basic knowledge about that thing can be a little risky. First, know why do you need a keyboard specially designed for gaming.

Advantages of having a gaming keyboard instead of a regular keyboard are:

  1. Reduced size – The gaming keypad is less in size than the regular one. You can easily place it on your lap and use it while gaming. Managing the keypad is easier because of its small size.
  2. Ergonomic design – Most of the time, players experience hand pain or injuries while playing for a long duration. To overcome this problem, the keypads are designed to make your hands rest comfortably.
  3. Available keys – The keys in the gaming keyboard are different from the normal keyboard. There is a reduced number of keys placed at locations that are easy to get your hand on while playing games.

Now, that you know why do you need a gaming keyboard let’s look at the important features to check while buying one. You should check all the qualities that we have listed below before purchasing a gaming keyboard.

  • If the keyboard is wireless or wired.
  • The life period of the gaming keyboard.
  • Whether the keyboard is mechanical/dome/membrane.
  • The gaming keyboard layout.
  • And affordable price.


We hope this buyer’s guide on the best gaming keyboards in India helped you to decide which gaming keyboard is the best to purchase for your device. Specially designed gaming keyboards are a must to experience the best gaming. For more interesting and useful articles, keep visiting our website IA Reviews India page. You can find buyer’s guideposts for different appliances and other gaming consoles on our page.

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